Yogurt and granola, local honey, roasted pear 6

Pistachio and dried cherry sticky buns 7

Apple cider donuts 6

Bloomy Rind cheese plate, Josephine bar nuts, lemon walnut bread 15

Candied carrot soup, lemon walnut bread croutons 6

Brussels sprouts, orange, dried cherries, peanut vinaigrette 10

Bibb lettuce, bacon, croutons, radish, herb buttermilk dressing 9


Fried oyster, bacon, lettuce, pickles, remoulade 13

Braised pork, spicy mustard, greens, provolone 12

Burger, lettuce, cheddar, horseradish sauce, pickles, red onion 13


Carrot cake french toast, walnut maple syrup 11

Omelette, petite salad, fries 13

Quiche, grilled squash, caramelized onion, cheese, petite salad, fries 11

Eggs benedict, country ham, grilled bread, brown butter hollandaise 13

‘J’ Breakfast, two eggs, country ham steak, hashbrowns, red eye gravy 16

Josephine steak and eggs, fries, herb butter 24


Lemon ice box pie, toasted meringue, speculoos, candied lemon 8

Milk chocolate crème, coffee, chicory, candied hazelnuts, roasted banana ice cream 8

Angel food cake, concord, white chocolate, buttermilk 8


Josephine bacon 5

Scrapple 5

French fries 5